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10:29am 06-28-2010
Tombow is awesome
6:45pm 06-24-2010
Hi Tomoya!

I just saw your performance on YouTube from Bourbon Street on June 10th 2010! So that means you are in New Orleans now! It brings back memories from when we were there together.

It is great to see that you are still performing! Where are you going next?

Write to me at my yahoo e-mail address!

9:26am 06-22-2010
Linda in New Orleans
I caught this guy on my way through the French Quarter in New Orleans on Monday, 6/21, wow, what talent and fun to watch and listen to, great jokes too. He's now one of my favorites.
1:26am 06-19-2010
Cameron from Miami
Saw you the other day in New Orleans i took a few great photos of you with my fisheye if you recall. Ill be sending them your way tonight. Hope to see you in LA...and thanks for the memories.
6:33pm 06-17-2010
Kaitlin and Kristie
We saw you in New Orleans today! We're from Nashville, TN (aka Music City) and have heard many street musicians play, but you stood out from the rest. Happy 10th anniversary!
5:46pm 06-16-2010
Art Wiederhold
We saw you in New Orleans on Saturday. You're very good and much fun to watch. Keep up the good work. We really enjoyed listening to and watching you but we did feel sorry for you because it was so damned humid!
5:34pm 06-15-2010
Dana, Durham, NC
We saw you at Jackson Square yesterday in New are wonderful!!! My husband and I are impressed! Thanks for sharing your talent!
9:32am 06-15-2010
Tricia, Jacksboro,Tx
Saw you in Nola this weekend and then at our hotel as we were leaving to come home. You are Great and really enjoyed watching you.
7:44pm 06-08-2010
You're great! I hope you come back to New Orleans!!
1:28pm 06-08-2010
hey, you rock
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