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12:37pm 08-26-2012
トンボ鉛筆こんにちは私の名前はエジソンと私はチリから、見てを愛して、彼住んでいないことは不幸が YOUTUBE のビデオがとても良いということは、才能。うまくいけば、私の国を訪問することができます一日。よろしくお願いいたします。。
1:24am 07-18-2012
You made me laugh. Thanks for that
7:07am 07-14-2012
Hey Tombow,
I just felt like letting you know that your videos on youtube are the best of street performance I've ever seen. It's a shame I couldn't see you live, as it would be pretty expensive for me to get to Japan or US as I live in Europe But I mean, keep rocking, man! I love your style!
Cheers from the Czech Republic!
5:24am 04-22-2012
Charlie Grimes
Tombow your work inspires me. I am going to attempt building a drumset/backpack. Can you offer any suggestions to help me get started?
Truly amazing work you do
11:16am 03-29-2012
u are amizing my friend... really admire your skill... may god grant you success
2:06pm 03-17-2012
Greg M Atkin
Hi TomBow,
I met you on Hollywood Blvd last weekend. I enjoyed your show! You are very talented and creative. A think that you are also a real engineer.

When we met, I gave to you a SharkTooth Crossover Pick that I designed. I hope that you like the pick. Perhaps the new pick will help you add more guitar parts to your show (such as, fingerpicking).

BTW, I have three other Crossover Pick models that you have not seen or tried out.

Let me know if you like the Crossover Pick. Perhaps we could work together. I could feature your video on my web site for example.

Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Greg M. Atkin
714-663-0071 Office
9:51pm 03-04-2012
Funny Tombow,
You should look into getting together with USO and playing for our Troops!
10:57pm 02-03-2012
Great YouTube videos. Inspiring!

Come to Vancouver someday! Yo-ro-shiku!!
10:58pm 02-02-2012
Joe Toad
In Austin you can enjoy 6'th Street,
and 6'th Street can enjoy you.

How much weight does one man band carry for performance?
2:04am 02-02-2012
Joe Toad
All toads live in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.!!
You have open invitation for visit.
Seasons between late fall and early spring is most enjoyable, and not too hot.
Many musician prefer city of Austin, Texas... any season of the year.

- Riddle... can One Man Band ever march out of formation?
1:32am 02-01-2012
Joe Toad
You have infectious happiness,
We feel free and child-like knowing,
Our world makes connection which,
You sharpen in your travels.

I wish freedom to,
Always follow your heart.
2:39am 01-29-2012
Thank you for bringing so much joy in people's lifes.
I like your style, your show is excellent and you have a good taste for a great Epiphone guitar. My thumbs are all up.
Maybe one day I would be able to meet you when I have migrated to Japan and live in Osaka.
8:39pm 01-26-2012
I stumbled across a video of you on youtube yesterday and I am happy to say that you are my new hero. You look like you are loving life and enjoying what you do. Watching you has made me remember what life is all about. I wish the best for you in everything you do. Thank you for the joy!!
9:09pm 12-28-2011
Amazing and so entertaining performance
just wonder how do you transport and set up your equipements?
is it all done by your own?
4:46pm 12-27-2011
Jun Alarcon - Manila
You are amazing and truly inspiring! Rock on, dude!
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