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3:57pm 10-13-2013
Diana Camp
Tienes Cd de venta con tu musica ?
10:53pm 10-12-2013
Your'e freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!
7:19am 09-28-2013
Jason Gore
I would LOVE for you to play outside of my friends wedding around 8pm, Friday, October 4th! How much would it cost for a few songs for three blocks through the quarter? I'm willing to pay top dollar to you or the Salvation Army. I know it's next week but it would be a surprise and be monumental to my bests friends wedding! Pls Let me know!!! It would mean the beautiful world to us!!!
12:55am 08-05-2013

We saw you in Park Guell on June 26th, 2013. You performance made my family laugh. Keep up the good shows!
2:20pm 07-01-2013
Ellen & Brian
My husband and I saw you at Park Guell on June 22, 2013. You have an amazing talent!!! We could have watched you all day!
12:53pm 06-30-2013
siska Szewczykowski
you're amazing! some day i hope u play on a party i plan !! greetz
11:57am 06-26-2013
Barcelona @ Park Güell 23-06-2013
Good show, thanks for CCR song
4:18pm 06-18-2013
Carlos ferreira
I see you in barcelona day 17-06-2013 ,and i am spetles you are grant man and musicion, congratilacions
3:02am 06-17-2013
Toby & Steffi
Awesome performance in Barcelona @ Park Güell!
Keep on the great work and bring the people in good mood to dance!
2:52pm 06-16-2013
Grande admirable ser feicidades!
1:03am 01-01-2013
I hope to see you in Athens, Greece.
1:32am 12-31-2012
Hi! I really admire you, your energy, your jest for life. Thank you.
7:22pm 11-16-2012
Eric Greenberg
Your name keeps popping up for one man bands - Have someone in LA looking for that same type of thing on November 29th --- Interested ?? - Give us a call
12:05am 10-08-2012
Budi Fals
9:16pm 09-15-2012
exelente, se nota que eres un ser humano feliz, la musica trasciende las razas, ojala algun dia estes por el Peru, mis abuelos nacieron como tu en el Japon
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