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5:55am 10-21-2020
Rick Walker
You have an amazing talent, I have trouble just playing my Ukulele let alone trying to sing and play. It must have been a real challenge learning to play all those instruments and singing in English at the same time. I hope you find another way to be a one man band. I love watching your youtube videos, especially no woman no cry. Hope to see you in the future. American Fan - Rick
3:42pm 06-24-2018
so cool!
7:12pm 11-04-2016
Hey Funny Tombow I'm Emil from Romania and I really like your songs. It brings me great joy and sometimes tears when I listen to your music. I especially like "No woman no cry"(the video you did for the Red Cross). I hope you will get better! because your music helps people fiind purpose and motivates them to fiind happiness and be happy! I wish you all the best in life!
9:41am 07-01-2016
Ben Mckinlay
Hey funny Tombow! i just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing man making it your goal to spread happiness to those around you and making sure to bring peace to the people! your an amazing man keep rocking on!
7:21am 05-06-2016
Funny Tombow
Hey,guys, Im Funny Tombow. Thanks for your cheerings for all the time!! I want to tell you guys I had a stroke in2013. And I was be I cant move my left arm and left leg. I'm handicapped person now.
So I can't perform one man band any more...
So I'm trying to emember my performance as watching Funny Tombow's videos. It's my favourit time!!
And Im looking for more Funny Tombow's video now.
If you have Funny Tombow's video, (I don't care any kind of videos).
"小林友哉" is my Japanese name. Please, tell me by Email"onemanband"
I'm waiting your mail!!

Thank you for read my poor English...
Please give me a sweet memories!
6:46pm 04-11-2016
james mcnair
How are you doing? I hope you are well.
2:05pm 01-30-2016
José Henrique
Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, sou fã desta cultura! Continue sempre assim, levando alegria e cultura a todos nós! Um forte abraço!
3:34am 12-29-2015
Where are you sir..
Missing you and your performance.

Get well soon..
4:23am 01-12-2015
Hi Funny Tombow!

I've just discovered you on U Tube, You sound great!
I'm a french musician and I want to create a one man band show like yours, I'm interested in the way you built your backdrum.How did you built the charley and the kick pedals in the bass drum??
When I grow up, I 'll be Funny TOMBOW!!!
4:23pm 12-30-2014
mark mad
Wishing you a speedy recovery Tombow & a happy & healthy 2015
8:21am 07-26-2014
Jim Weatherbie
God bless you. You have placed a permanent smile in our hearts.
9:01pm 06-19-2014
Aldren Abay Sotero
You're so good! Continue to inspire people.
10:11pm 06-12-2014
Takashi Quinlan
You are a wonderful person. I am a kid so this message is all I can give you, but I hope it makes you feel better. Your lessons and morals I'll cherish through my life. I love music and I love peace. <3

Have a Great Life!
12:56am 06-11-2014
Paul H.Schroeder
God has given you a wonderfull talent
4:05pm 10-13-2013
Diana Camp
Veo que has tocado en Montreal... hace anos en una de mis visitas a Canada especificamente en Montreal. Vi a una persona como tu (espero que seas tu) le compre un CD y quisiera saber si eres tu y como puedo obtener un CD con tu musica. Es maravillosa!!!!!!! reo que fue en el 2005 mas o menos. Saludos!!!
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